December 30th, 2015

marcus 2013

Proof of posting system changing

Royal Mail counter staff aren't going to be typing in the data for proof of posting certificates at the counter any more as of January 1st. Instead they want you to print and write out a proof of posting form which gets stamped when you had in the package(s) at the post office. I can actually see the sense of this, doing the proof of posting thing takes at least 20-30 seconds per letter, which is not fun if you're stuck in the queue behind the person posting 20 letters. The form's here as a PDF:

There's also a form for signed-for mail (and special delivery etc.) accessed from the same page, not sure how this helps since they will still have to type the details into the system - I think that one's intended for multiple packages only, but I could be wrong.

Not sure how either will work at post offices with self service machines where you type the customer's address etc. into the system.
marcus 2013

Weird Firewire cable

I picked up an Apple FireWire cable recently which turned out to be FireWire 400 (full-size) to the small 4-pin FireWire 400 plug used on some camcorders etc. I don't actually own anything this fits, and since I can't test it I don't really want to try selling it. If anyone in the UK has a need for this let me know - I'll send it to you free, provided you'll promise to give at least a pound to charity - Cancer Research preferred, but any charity will do - if it works.
marcus 2013

Various updates

Calculator - the guy in Italy seems to be pleased it's arrived which hopefully means he won't be returning it.

Laptop - a local firm can fix it - not cheap, but not as bad as I'd feared. Naturally the excess on my household policy plus the amount I'd lose if I lost the no claims bonus means that it isn't quite worth making an insurance claim.

20" iMac G4 - Ready to sell, but I'm going to wait until the New Year so that people hopefully have a little more money. Hopefully the profit will cover the laptop repair.

Network Solutions - just tried to convince me to use them to buy my own domain again. The same one. Which is particularly annoying since I opted out of their mailing list the last time... I think a strongly worded message may be called for.

Crossrail - some more photos of temporary track being made going back a few weeks:
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Ducks - some Muscovy (I think) ducks I saw rummaging around leaves in Kensington Gardens, well away from the Round Pond towards the end of November. Not sure what they were looking for.
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later - uninvitedcat tells me the "ducks" are Egyptian geese. I never claimed to be an ornithologist, but I should have spotted they were a bit big to be ducks...

Fanfic - still posting Bad Medicine but will have it done tomorrow, I think. Given how much background reading you need to do to understand what the hell's going on I'm not posting it here.