March 30th, 2016

marcus 2013

Eastercon 2017, 2018

For those who haven't heard, there was a rescue bid for next year's Eastercon - it's going to be held at the big Metropole hotel in the NEC near Birmingham airport:

Innominate aka The Con with no Name - the web site will be as below but isn't live yet. I can't remember the guests except that they are all UK residents - I'm guessing this was done for expediency in putting things together at short notice.

Update from coth - Innominate's guests are Pat Cadigan, Judith Clute and Colin Harris.

And Eastercon 2018 will be Follycon in Harrogate - web site is up but not fully operational yet.
Guests Kieron Gillen, Christina Lake, Nnedi Okorafor and Kim Stanley Robinson

Update from bohemiancoast - Follycon's facebook page is

These are both very experienced committees and hopefully there won't be more crises.