July 3rd, 2016

marcus 2013

This weekend's markets and boot fairs

Lots of small crap, nothing major

Several cables including a couple of Apple video adapters, an Apple USB keyboard extension cable, a Dell mini-DVI to VGA adapter, and an ipod remote control cable.
An Apple Wireless mouse (the original clear plastic one with only one button) at £3
A couple of photographic filters at £1 for 2.
A Casio world time watch and a basic Waveceptor radio controlled watch with no strap for £5 - batteries are dead so I'm taking a chance with them, but even if they're dead they're probably worth more than I paid (including a couple of quid for the batteries I've ordered) as spare parts.
A couple of DVDs for 50p each
A giant jigsaw in a cow-shaped box for youngest nephew for £1