July 14th, 2016


Supergirl S2 Casting

S2 of Supergirl will cast a former werewolf (Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin) as Clark Kent (but apparently only for a couple of episodes), and a former Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) as the US President. Also some other familiar DC characters have been cast, e.g. Snapper Carr and Maggie Swayer. Looks like it'll be fun!


Later - forgot to say thanks to pauldormer who mentioned the casting news elsewhere.
marcus 2013

Today's charity shop bargain...

Was the Lego Wright Flyer kit, which appears to be pretty rare, for a tenner. Unfortunately the box is badly battered and it appears to be missing three out of 600-odd bits though I'm hoping it may turn out I've somehow sorted them into the wrong bags or something. One is still available from Lego, the other two are out of stock. It sells for a couple of hundred complete, I'm hoping it'll still be profitable in its current condition.

later - found all three on ebay - cost £4 or so but it's worth it to be able to offer the kit complete.