September 3rd, 2016

marcus 2013

Mice! And other boot-fair stuff

Yesterday I picked up an Apple Magic Mouse (the bluetooth one that also sort of works as a trackpad) for rather less than I expected. And today I found two more Apple mice - another of the early USB "puck" ball mice from an iMac G3, and a nice clean Mighty Mouse from 2006-ish. All ludicrously cheap, so hopefully profitable. Also a PCI USB card and a PoweBook G4 charger made in 2000, which is technically the last millennium! Hopefully someone will buy this stuff - the last puck mouse I got is currently on £8 on eBay, which isn't bad considering I got it for 50p. Nothing interesting on the photographic side, but I did well last weekend - and there's still tomorrow...

For myself, a couple of DVDs - Arrietty and My Neighbour Totoro, which I've seen but didn't actually own. Looking forward to watching it again.