November 5th, 2016

marcus 2013

MIDI question

I picked up one of these today:

1 in 2 out USB MIDI interface

It appears to be discontinued, and I really don't know much about MIDI, is it still used much? And if so, what seems like a reasonable asking price for it? There's only one on eBay and I think the vendor is a bit optimistic, and I have no way to test apart from seeing that it powers up if plugged into a USB socket so can't offer any warranty.

later - I've listed it starting at £1.99 plus P&P, we'll see what happens. Also listed the Canon lens I mentioned a few days ago - already has bids on it - and some other stuff.
marcus 2013

November 5th

Once again thousands of fireworks are detonated, and the odd house set on fire, in celebration of a 411-year old failed attempt to destroy Parliament. You have to wonder why anyone bothers, given how Parliament seems to be set on destroying itself at the moment, but never mind...

I'm not a big fan of this particular bit of conspicuous destruction, for reasons I've mentioned in a previous post -

but if you're doing anything explosive tonight I hope you'll be safe and enjoy yourself.