December 30th, 2016

marcus 2013


Just had to send a Copyright/DMCA request to Scribd; they've got two of my articles and the Forgotten Futures Compendium on line there, all without permission - and while one of the articles and the Compendium are on my site as free downloads, I never give permission to transfer them to sites that charge for access. The other article is a scan from White Dwarf, so a violation of their copyright too though I think the rights reverted to me after GW stopped publishing Call of Cthulhu.

Not a happy bunny anyway.

If you own intellectual property it may be worth checking them.
marcus 2013

Worldcon flights?

Worldcon room now booked. Any recommendations for flights (preferably from one of the London airports)? Can't actually do anything about booking until I get my new passport, I expect, but any particular airline / ticket seller recommended? It's a VERY long time since I've flown anywhere, at least ten years I think, I'm a bit out of touch.