September 26th, 2017

marcus 2013

Ugh... I feel dirty...

For various reasons I need to run Windows on my laptop; there's some tethered camera control freeware that is only available in a Windows version, the Mac equivalent stopped working a few versions of OS X ago, and I want to use it for photomicroscopy where the liveview feature would be very useful - needless to say the microscope is in a different room from my desktop PC and too big to fit into my office space, so I have to run it from the laptop. Just in the process of running Bootcamp to install it. So far it's actually going pretty well, knock wood, just completing and didn't run into problems apart from the sheer horribleness of Windows 7 setup, but there's something VERY offputting about seeing Windows screens on a MacBook Pro...

If I was planning to use it often I suppose I'd have to look at installing Parallels so I could run Windows without rebooting, but it will be a once in a blue moon thing so I think I'll go with the less convenient option and save the money.

Later - and it looks like everything works, though I haven't actually tried the camera on my microscope yet - it's certainly working under computer control and displaying the liveview image on the laptop screen, which is what I want.

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marcus 2013

And another lens - 50mm f1.8 Nikkor!

I didn't want to post until I'd tested it properly, but I got a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 at the weekend - the original AF model designed for 35mm cameras but working on digital provided they have a motor in the camera body - and it appears to be pretty good - I put my 35mm lens on sale on Sunday because I was already pretty sure the 50mm was OK, and took the 50mm out for a spin today (the weather was crap yesterday). Results were pretty good, I think it's as least as sharp as the 35mm was, and I seem to be able to work much better with it because I can work at a slightly greater distance and it seems to be better for closeup work - I really wish I'd taken extension tubes with me today, it would have been nice to try real macro work, but next time. I've ditched a few duds (mostly of the "did I really cut off the top of that / hold the camera crooked / press the wrong button / move the camera" variety), but still have 45 pictures that seem pretty good out of about 60 I took. I really must look into choosing an optimum ISO setting - I've been using 400 and 800, but if higher speeds will give good results I should really switch to minimize camera shake.

Lots of photos here:

Next step will probably be to sell the Yongnuo 50mm for the Canon - I really don't need it now.

I think, on the whole, that I will keep the 18-55 Nikkor; I don't use it often, but it's the widest lens I own and they aren't selling at huge prices, I might as well keep it.

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