June 22nd, 2019


City of Angles

I'm thinking about running a game at Dragonmeet in December (and possibly at the worldcon in August if I can get my act together in time) and think it's going to be a Flatland RPG scenario based loosely on Angel, simply because of the pun potential. As an idea of the levels to which I will happily sink, my stock female characters in this system are plucky girl reporter Lois Line, and femme fatale Lotte Linear...

The Flatland setting is an oppressive theocracy which suppresses evil non-Euclidean geometry (which I can sort of justify as allowing magic etc.) and most adventures tend to involve working around the priesthood, hunting out sinister irregular characters, and so forth. The more sides a character has, the higher their class - the exception is women, since all women are straight lines.

So, I will need names for our intrepid characters. I have names for the easy ones, but would appreciate suggestions for the rest:

Angel will be Angle, who appears to be a perfect equilateral triangle but actually unfolds to an irregular and very dangerous shape - also known as Angleloss, because of his old habit of eating the pointy bits off other flatlanders.

Spike will apparently be a fairly acute triangle (and thus fairly lower class) but also have the unfoldy bits - no need for a name change

Wesley will probably be a pentagon or hexagon, being upper class but not royal etc. It would be nice if the name related to his shape.

has to be a straight line. Again, a name related to geometry etc. would be nice.

Lorne and other demons will be irregular figures.

Fred is easy - she's a straight line, she'll be Thread

I'm not anticipating using any of the Buffy characters (Buffy, Willow, etc.), again they will be straight lines (as will all Slayers), but if anyone thinks of a good name it could be useful.

And I need a name for Wolfram and Hart that relates to geometry. All suggestions gratefully received.

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