February 13th, 2020

marcus 2013

Bushfire Charity Bundle News

A couple of weeks ago I heard that there was going to be an RPG bundle in support of charities associated with the Australian bushfire disaster.  I put Elvis: The Legendary Tours in (only one title per per publisher was allowed) and they ended up with so many contributions that they had to run EIGHT different themed bundles. This ended on the 11th; all together they've raised a bit over USD $218,000, or $325,000 AUD! All earnings will be divided equally between the following charities: 

1. Red Cross of Australia’s “Disaster Relief and Recovery” fund, and 
2. Australian World Wildlife Fund’s “Bushfire Emergency.”

I'm very sorry that I forgot to mention it here - to be honest, it just slipped my mind. Many thanks to everyone who did buy these bundles - and if you missed out, there are still plenty of ways to support these charities.

More details here

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