April 4th, 2021

marcus 2013

Eastercon Day 2 and start of day 3

Day 2 the tech seemed to be working better for panels, though I didn't watch early in the day and I gather there were issues in the morning. It seems to be impossible to ask questions at panels if you're not using gathercrap, and the one time I tried it I couldn't find the person I was supposed to put them to, which wasn't helpful. Anyway, caught four or five program items, only one was disappointing - the quiz show, because they weren't showing the panelists in the video, just a list of possible answers, and a lot of the fun of a quiz is watching the panellist reaction; also because the sound from the questionmaster was crap.

Day 3 (today) got off to a bad start - I overslept and nearly missed the bidding session, and only by luck checked my email and found the secret link to the session Zoom meeting, which was sent a whole five minutes before the start of the session. Nicely done, guys... I probably won't catch a lot of the con today because I have other things to take care of but we'll see how it goes.

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