August 12th, 2021

marcus 2013

And yet another two RPG bundles - Delta Green

These are a couple of repeat offers for the Delta Green RPG (best summarised as spies and special ops v Cthulhu), released now to publicise the forthcoming Kickstarter for a 25th anniversary update of the game.


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Last time around I said (of the original game offer):

For some reason I never got into Delta Green when it was a Call of Cthulhu setting, possibly because I was already writing my own games when it first appeared, and because I was more than a little "monstered out" in the nineties, but I'm now interested in seeing what it's like, and how the intelligence emphasis differs from the original game. I'm also wondering how it will compare to the Laundry RPG, which has a more British focus. It looks like you get a lot for your money, and given it's a very well-received game I think I can recommend it. But as usual I have to stress that I don't pay for this, if you do your mileage may vary.

Since then I've had a good look, and it is very well done indeed. I prefer the Laundry setting, on the whole, but Delta Green has a lot to offer and the themes of both games would work together very nicely for anyone who wants to try mixing and matching elements of both games - in fact the end of the first Laundry book reads a lot like a Delta Green special ops team at work, except that it's the SAS rather than US special forces so the level of firepower involved is slightly saner...

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