August 23rd, 2021

marcus 2013

Another RPG bundle offer - Shadowrun Sixth World Stories

This is an offer for Shadowrun, the cyberpunk/fantasy RPG originally published by FASA but now owned by Catalyst Games Labs. It consists of the 2019 30th anniversary "Sixth World" edition, in a brief version or the full rule book if you pay more, and a load of fiction using this setting. There are no other adventures or supplements.

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I'll be honest, I've never been a big fan of this setting - while there's a "fantasy with big guns" genre that works reasonably well in fiction, adding in all of the cyberpunk tropes means that in any given situation some of the characters will have problems bringing useful skills and abilities to bear; the worst case is a scene where only one or two characters are active, the rest are standing around waiting for their hacker / shaman / whatever to get their part of the job done. Having said that, this is a very popular system which has stayed in print for 30+ years despite changing publishers twice. If you like this sort of game, this is probably the game for you.

I'm not sure that getting the rules and fiction without any additional games material works for me, but tastes differ. It's fairly cheap, so may be worth taking a look.

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