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Wanted: Elvis Illustrations

As regular readers of this journal will know, I'm working on Elvis: The Legendary Tours, a supplement for the Diana: Warrior Princess RPG, to be published as a PDF.

Since this is going to be priced low and probably won't sell a huge number of copies I can't afford to pay for a professional artist's work. At the same time, I would like it to be well-illustrated. My initial plan to con a friend into illustrating it for me has fallen through because she's simply too busy at the moment.

The alternative idea I've come up with is to solicit art contributions more widely:
  • The best entries sent will be used to illustrate the PDF, and all work used will be credited.
  • I can't, unfortunately, afford to pay multiple artists. However, I'll donate a pound to Cancer Research UK for each illustration used, five pounds for the cover picture.
  • All contributors whose work is used will be sent e-texts of the Diana: Warrior Princess game and the Elvis: The Legendary Tours supplement when it is complete.
  • The contributor of the cover illustration will be sent a copy of the printed Diana: Warrior Princess RPG, a printout of the Elvis: The Legendary Tours supplement, and the e-texts on CD-ROM.
  • All art will remain the property of the artist.
Details of the setting etc. are behind the cut for those who are interested.

The setting for Elvis: The legendary Tours is our world, seen by someone as remote from us as we are from the ancient Greeks, and with as many gaps in their knowledge, converted into a TV series by a production company with the loving attention to historical accuracy we have come to expect from such series.

In this series wandering troubadour Elvis tries to find a way back to his homeland, the mystic Land of Grace. Elvis is helped by several companions, the most notable being barbarian double-bass player John Lenin and former thief and guitarist 'Senator' Joe McCartney. Other series regulars include frontier law-person, vet, and doctor Billie 'Doc' Holliday, mystic roadie Bob 'The Builder' Marley, and mysterious shaman Elric Clapton. They live in a world of wonders, with gods and supernatural occurrences almost taken for granted. Important elements are the Wild West, 1950s to modern rock music, and mythology (especially ancient Greek, but anything is fair game).

The setting is a parody of the present day, and the art style I'm looking for is caricature, not photorealistic. All work must be original, not copied from books, magazines, etc. I'd prefer to avoid photoshopped photos since they're unlikely to reproduce well if printed and may involve copyright problems.

Here's a preliminary list of the artwork I'm looking for. All sizes indicated are width x height in pixels.

Elvis as a cowboy / musician, with John Lenin and Senator Joe McCartney riding by his side, or helping him in a gunfight, concert, whatever. Colour, will be reproduced as a full page picture with some lettering at the top. See the Diana: Warrior Princess preview PDF, downloadable from Steve Jackson Games for an example of the layout. Colour, Size approx. 720 x 1060 (or larger if it can be scaled down easily). This needs to be a TIF or GIF file, not jpg, for maximum clarity.


Interior illustrations
All grey scale line art, please avoid complex patterns or anything which won't stand being resized if necessary. Again, there is an example in the preview PDF. Sizes given below are a guideline and may end up changed for the final PDF. Larger pictures that can be scaled down easily (and possibly cropped a little if necessary) would be preferred for working out a precise fit to the page. Again TIF or GIF files are preferred.

The Mystic Land of Grace - "a magical kingdom in a remote mountain valley guarded by deserts and other natural defences." Think Shangri-La with one of Mad King Ludwig's castles dominating the landscape, surrounded by a small town.
Approximate size 450 x 400.

Roc and Roll - Elvis and friends trying to capture a roc in a net as it demolishes a giant loudspeaker system. The roc is under the net, with characters hanging from ropes, Elvis charging at the roc with a giant hypodermic.
Approximate size 450 x 400

Groupies - half woman, half bird, tear bad musicians to shreds. Small filler illustration
e.g. 300 x 300

Elvis impersonators - a lot of Elvis-look alikes (varying height, weight, skin colour, tentacles, etc.) in white sequined costumes.
Approximate size 720 x 250.

A cute black boy playing a banjo, sitting by a camp fire with Elvis and his friends. Elvis should also be playing his guitar.
Approximate size 500 x 300

Memphis - Dodge City with pyramids in the background. The Heartbreak Hotel Saloon should be visible in the foreground. Mostly 19th century look with one or two modern touches e.g. an Amex logo on a window, TV aerials.
Approximate size 720 x 250.

A dead werewolf hanging from a chandelier
Small filler illo e.g. 300 x 300.

A sorceress transforming Elvis and his friends into dogs
Approximate size 720 x 500.

The same woman disguised as a housewife in a frilly apron etc. carrying a tray of drinks.
Filler size e.g. 300 x 300

Elvis and friends looking down at a large ranch from a hill. Buildings visible should include the ranch house, stables, a corral, a couple of barns, etc. This should have a 19th century look with one or two modern touches e.g. a satellite dish on the ranch house.
Approx size 480 x 300.

Character pictures
These will be used for character records, and may also be used at varying sizes as filler illustrations elsewhere in the PDF. The character record pictures will all be reproduced at about 250 pixels wide, I'd prefer them square or higher than they're wide, up to say 250 x 400. Again, larger pictures that can be scaled down or cropped easily would be preferred for working out a precise fit to the page.

Elvis (playing a guitar and/or singing and firing a gun or rifle. Additional illustrations may be needed for fillers etc. Sequinned costume but should have a cowboy look (gun etc.)

John Lenin, barbarian bass guitar player. Equipped with guitar, sword, bow.

"Senator" Joe McCartney, guitarist and thief. Cowboy look, light slim build.

Billie "Doc" Holliday, frontier law-woman and medic. Black, VERY competent look.

Bob "The Builder" Marley, mystic roadie. Black, dreadlocks, safety helmet.

Elric Clapton, mysterious shaman. Carries flute, guitar, big sword. Has an extra-long index finger on his right hand (don't worry if this isn't visible).

Abbott Costello, evil sorcerer-king. Elvis' half-brother, who has usurped the throne of the Land of Grace. A paranoid evil wizard.

Colonel Parker, leader of the guard. A competent military commander - Ruritanian style uniform.

Queen Priscilla of the desert. Leads a bandit horde, wears flimsy costumes with veils and lots of gems and carries a revolver and other weapons.

King Martin Luther - a benevolent monarch and religious reformer.

Uncle Sam, a military demagogue. Traditional costume, beard, and pose, but he is NOT a nice man...

Ray, God of Music - a heavily-tanned blond man in his twenties, with amazingly good looks, wearing an extremely smart white business suit and carrying an acoustic guitar.

If you're interested in having a go please e-mail me a SMALL preview version of your work to, using the heading "Elvis Art". Please include the following text:

I understand that I will not be paid for my work, that not all illustrations submitted will be used, and that illustrations may be resampled or cropped to fit available space.

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