Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Stupid Mac WiFi question

While I was at Novacon someone let me use his log-in to connect my iBook to the mderately expensive network at the hotel. When I got home I plugged in a network cable. I've just gone into another room to wait for tonight's Dr. Who special to start, so I can switch on the recorder at the right moment, and found that I had to log in to use Wifi again. Normally it just works as soon as I switch it on. I think this has happened before after I've used it on another WiFi network.

Not a huge problem since the password is something I easily remember, but it'd be handy if it'd just log on automatically. Any way to do that?

Later edit: Dr. Who was a bit anticlimactic. No spoilers, but it was only about seven minutes long including the titles, and is basically a "Rose meets the new Doctor" thing.

Later later edit of the "Emperor has no clothes" variety: Looking at the messages other people have posted re the Dr. Who episode, I have to ask if several of my friends are on drugs... it wasn't that long, it was pretty much what you would expect from a scene that is designed to have minimal impact on continuity for anyone who missed tonight's charity thing, and could have been written by most Dr. Who fanfic writers pretty easily. Roll on Christmas, when they will be showing a real episode.

One important thing was said though - behind this cut.

Rose and the Doctor know that Jack is alive.


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