Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Elvis pictures

Here's some VERY temporary illustrations for the Elvis: The Legendary Tours RPG; since I haven't had much luck with my call for artists, I've done the ones I'll need next Saturday as photo manips. This isn't much good for the final product since (a) there would be copyright problems and (b) I'm crap at this, unfortunately, so I still desperately need real artists.

Elvis, Legendary Bard - this one's a real film still with some minor editing.

John Lenin, Barbarian Bass Player - Lennon with a badly-edited beard and moustache and Roy Rogers' hat.

'Senator' Joe McCartney, Guitarist - another genuine photo with minor edits

Billie 'Doc' Holliday, Frontier Law-Woman and Medic - Doris Day with a head transplant and badge, head size is WAY off...

Bob 'The Builder' Marley, Mystic Roadie - Helmet transplant

Elric Clapton, Mysterious Shaman - A monk with a head transplant and other minor edits.

Full details of the art I'm looking for and the derisory amount I'll give to charity if I get it are at
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