Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Another Drabble

I'm writing a "Five Crossover Drabbles That Never Happened to Lois and Clark" thingy. The first three are Space Oddity, Conversation in a Metropolis Parking Lot, and The Short Career of Kal-El, Alias Clark Kent, Alias Superman, here's the fourth, a crossover with The Night Stalker. It's also one of my Mistaken Identity drabble series, not sure what number I'm up to with that.

Mistaken Identity

"You see how it makes sense?" said Carl Kolchack.

"He'd have to be a master of disguise," said Perry.

"With super speed he could look different in seconds."

"I guess. Okay, but this is off the record."


"Okay then... I've never seen them together."

"How about you, Clark?"

"Off the record?"


"Okay. I've never seen them together," said Clark, ignoring pangs of conscience.

"Then that's tomorrow's INS headline. 'Is Luthor Superman?'" Kolchack hurried out.

"It's crazy," said Perry.

"Probably," said Clark, "and it'll cause lots of problems for Lex. But I guess Superman'll set the record straight. Eventually...."

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