Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


Just saw The Xmas Invasion with my sister and her family. Lots of things to like, but too spoilery to say much. Hovever, I will say that we now know what Torchwood is (and as Xander would say, "Spedoinkle!") and there were some very interesting flashes in the "coming next season" bit at the end. They also managed to get in a joke about the title of the show, and we saw UNIT in action.

So... On the whole good, a few bits a bit cliched, but it worked pretty well.

Later thought (BIG spoiler):

Trying to work out the five locations for the Torchwood weapon projectors. All in London, but unfortunately I can't save images from DVD which would make a comparison easier. My guesses, as near as I can work it out:

An office block at the southernmost tip of Green Park
Just South of Regents Park - around the Royal College of Music
South bank of the Thames a little West of HMS Belfast.
Somewhere off-screen in the Hornsey area
Somewhere off-screen in the Tulse Hill area

It may be possible to work this out more precisely, but the locations don't quite seem to be arranged in a regular pentagon. Anyone able to narrow it down?


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