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Marcus L. Rowland

Another Elvis scenario idea

Needed to fill part of a page and didn't want to go the clip-art route, so I came up with another mini-adventure idea that I'm rather pleased with.

Teddy Bear

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise… Theodore Roosevelt, one of Uncle Sam’s most trusted Sons, has led a large hunting party into Indian Territory, allegedly in search of bears. There are a few problems about this, not least that he hasn’t asked permission, and is violating various treaties related to permissible weapons and equipment. It seems unlikely that legitimate hunters need an armoured personnel carrier with helicopter gunship support, or as many guns and rocket launchers as they seem to be carrying. And why does their equipment include radiation detectors and excavating machinery?

The local tribes suspect that Sam’s scientists are trying to duplicate Prince Albert Einstein’s ‘bomb,’ the mysterious weapon that will allegedly make war too terrible to contemplate. It’s widely believed that it has something to do with ‘atoms’ and radiation. Alternatively, they may have already built one but lost it in the woods. Or it may be a cunning plan to provoke the Indians into attacking Roosevelt, to give Uncle Sam a pretext to invade Indian Territory. When the Indians ask their gods for advice, the Vulture Spirit tells them to seek help from “Dances in Blue Suede,” e.g. Elvis.

To make things more complicated, Queen Victoria has also learned of the ‘hunt’ and assigned a crack team of Beefeater commandos to investigate and make sure that Uncle Sam doesn’t have the Bomb. And if a crossover is desired, Diana, Warrior Princess and her faithful companion Fergie are also on the Beefeaters’ trail, and will have their own plans to thwart Roosevelt.

I've now finished everything apart from the adventure, which is more of an outline than anything else right now, and have illustrations for all characters and NPCs apart from two Gods (Ray, god of the Sun and Music, and Eyepoade, goddess of recording) and the Groupies, their half-woman half-bird servitors. Since all of them are shape-changers I've decided not to show pictures.

Got to go out and get a bit of shopping, then I get down to some serious work on the adventure.

Later: One of the other gods I've mentioned but haven't given stats for is Dysko, a minor dance goddess. I now have an irrational urge to stat her out and give her a murderous cult a la thuggee. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
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