Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

First Elvis PDF attempt

I haven't finished Elvis: The Legendary Tours yet - still about 2/3 of the adventure to write - but I thought I'd try to compile it to PDF, see how it comes out so far.

The answer is it looks pretty good, and weighs in at 3.48 MB, probably 4.5 MB or so by the time I'm done. For a 45 or so page PDF, probably 55 by the time I'm done, with a fair number of illustrations that haven't yet been optimised for their final size, that isn't too bad. And if I can get someone to run it through Distiller for me as was done for Diana it ought to come out a little smaller, which will help.

Overall moderately pleased - hopefully I'm well on my way to my (revised) goal of getting the first draft finished this month, if nothing too catastrophic goes wrong.
Tags: elvis, rpg

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