Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Elvis: Renaming a character

The name of the game is conflation - I want to make one character out of two or more real people, or (possibly) a real and a fictional person. Good examples I'm already using are John Lenin, Billie 'Doc' Holliday, Bob 'The Builder' Marley, Prince Albert Einstein.

I've decided that the name I've given one of the Elvis characters doesn't quite work for me. He's currently called Elric Clapton; the character is a musician / shaman / martial artist type person, and his name doesn't really reflect any of that, or much of anything except an easy joke.

So what I want is a rock star name crossed with a martial arts and/or mystic shit name. Something like [rock star first name] [martial artist last name] or vice versa, where the the rock star's name is a little like the martial artist's. Male preferably, though I can probably work with a female equivalent with a little modification of the character details - and if the name is right it's often possible to turn a female star into a male.

Any suggestions?

Several hours later: Decided to go with Jean-Claude Van Halen, with a note that he "...isn’t the only martial artist with an interest in music. Several of the most famous Sudoku masters have a background in the art and incorporate it into their fighting styles. These include Obi-Wan Bonjovi, Joan Jet Li and of course the legendary Chow Yun Fat Boy Slim."

Many many thanks to everyone who made suggestions - apologies that I couldn't use them all.
Tags: diana, elvis, rpg

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