Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Problems with the Livejournal "Nudge" feature

A friend just made a post about the new (I assume) "nudge" feature in livejournal, which strikes me as a serious problem for some users. The idea is that it looks at your friends list, sees who hasn't posted in a week or more, and if you like sends them an email to remind them to post. Of course the idea that this might cause problems for some users can never have crossed their tiny minds.

I've just sent this to the LJ abuse team, let's see how they respond. Hopefully they give some feedback to Livejournal's upper echelons:

I regard the nudge feature livejournal now incorporates as an invasion of user's privacy. I don't feel that I have any inherent right to know why someone else isn't posting, or vice versa.

Some users may not wish others with access to their email to know that they have livejournal accounts. They may now receive unanted "nudges" from you. This situation could easily arise if someone was using a livejournal anonymously to obtain advice on an abusive parent with access to their email account, or to discuss matters which a spouse or employer might object to.

Since it doesn't work properly anyway (when I looked at it today I saw that it was reporting at least one person who has commented on my journal today as a non-poster) I would strongly urge that it should be scrapped.

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