Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Now Here's My Plan...

Due to sloth and awkward timing I haven't managed to get to any of the educational equipment trade shows in three years or so.

Normally that wouldn't bother me much, but one snag is that I seem to have dropped off mailing lists for things like free calendars and year planners, and didn't get any at all this time around. I make my own calendars, but given that our printer is only A4 it's rather difficult to make a useful "year at a glance" planner for things like working out holidays. And since I'm a mean bugger I don't want to buy one, and the school sure as hell isn't going to spare me the money to get one just for two technicians.

So... anyone in the UK been sent something like an A2 sized planner that's surplus to requirements? Or does anyone know of software that'll do one in pieces and supports things like the UK public holidays?

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