Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

I've today donated another £110.00 to Cancer Research UK, representing donations from purchasers of Forgotten Futures CDs and various books at games cons, and some additional money I'm paying in lieu of artists fees for Elvis: The Legendary Tours, the forthcoming Diana: Warrior Princess supplement.

Since this was paid as a Gift Aid donation of money which has already been taxed it'll actually give the charity considerably more - I think about £143 if I understand the system properly.

This takes the total raised and passed on to the charity and its predecessors to £1678, excluding Gift Aid, with £0.25 remaining in the kitty - I'll make the next donation when I've another hundred pounds or so in hand.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped by buying from me, and to the organisers of Dragonmeet and other cons for letting me raise money this way.
Tags: diana, forgotten futures, rpg

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