Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


For most of the last year I've been blocked on Forgotten Futures, mainly because I thought I was committed to adding new and exciting rules for weird gadgeteering and somehow couldn't get anything to work. I've now decided what I should have decided a year ago; the existing rules work okay and really don't need major modification. So instead I started writing a "use the same rules, but here are some extra ideas that might be useful" chapter last night, and got nearly a thousand words written. I'm hoping that this has got me past the block, and with a lot of luck I may have something ready to launch by Easter. Wish me luck...

This does, of course, mean that I'll probably be writing less fanfic for a while - I'll keep on with the existing stories, but probably put out new chapters less often, and I doubt I'll be starting anything new in the immediate future, unless things get really boring at work or something.

I may from time to time ask for help with the RPG as I get into it again, so stay tuned.

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