Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Xerox laser again, and bloody snipers.

Update on this - delivery is about nine quid (which seems very cheap) but if I want delivery on Saturday I have to order it on Friday, which just seems bizarre. The details are here again if anyone wants to take another look.

The power consumption really us "up to 35w" in standby mode, presumably it's keeping four corona wires warm or something. There are others that use less - the HP I was looking at a while ago only draws 13w, for example, but it's lower resolution and isn't duplex. Noise in standby is also a little high, at up to 40 decibels. Presumably a cooling fan?

I'm tempted to get it on spec and see how it goes - if I can't live with the noise etc. sell it on eBay or something.

As I said on Friday, if anyone has any experience of this printer I'd love to hear from you. In a lot of ways it's what I want, but it's a bit of a monster in size etc. and I want to be careful.

Talking of eBay, I twice lost items at literally the last second thanks to sniper programs over the weekend - one was a balance I wanted for work, the other a zip drive which I'm not really too bothered about, both were going to me until the last second then sniped from under me. Another item suddenly jumped from 19 quid to 25 at the last second - fortunately I'd put in a bid a good deal higher (it was worth £100+) so I still got it.

Is there any way to counteract sniper programs, apart from putting in a really high bid?

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