Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Conflation rides again

As always the name of the game is conflation, sticking bits of two or more real-world people together to make a character for Elvis: The Legendary Tours.

This time I need a name for a villainess, currently known as "The Witch With No Name," who is coming across as a much too two-dimensional character. I've decided that she might as well be the Witch Queen of New Orleans, who has decided to move on to pastures new until the flood damage is repaired.

So I'd like a name with magical and possibly French-ish connotations but still some connection to the 20th century and rock & roll / pop etc. My first thought was something sounding like "Morgan Le Fey" but with either the first or last part replaced, not quite sure what fits the bill.

Any suggestions?

Also looking for a bit of public-domain or copyright released clip art showing a beautiful woman playing a harp, preferably in a simple line drawn monochrome style. Can't quite find anything that fits the bill, can anyone point me at anything that fits?

Later -

This came out rather different than I originally planned, but it seems to fit the "beautiful but deadly" idea for the character.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Anyone else think that the face is a lot like Betty Rubble?

Still working on the bits where I lost the harp when I pasted in the woman and didn't quite undo enough, and remember that it will look much smaller on the page.

Tags: diana, elvis, rpg

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