Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Xerox update

Got the Xerox today - delivered about 9.30 so not too bad.

It's REALLY heavy, but about a third of the weight in the box is the toners, drum, etc. I unpacked it in the front hall and bought things up bit by bit, the only hard part was getting the printer (in a slippery plastic bag) out of the bottom of a deep box.

Setup is relatively straightforward, apart from the usual problems handling drums and belts without touching anything sensitive, avoiding light, etc. It'd help considerably if the packages for toner cartridges had more prominent THIS WAY UP labels, they're packed correctly but it's easy to turn them over while unpacking, and I managed this three times out of four. It'd also help if Xerox didn't use quite so much tape to secure things, but I suppose it's necessary.

When switched on it makes a rumbling clicking noise for the first couple of minutes then goes pretty quiet - don't yet know if that was a one-off to get the new cartridges working or will happen every time. Can't hear any noise from it at present, it's being drowned out by the PC, but there is some gentle air-flow and part of the top is moderately warm, which presumambly accounts for the power consumption previously mentioned. If you speak English no control panel installation is necessary, but I printed the demo page and configuration page anyway. Demo is impressive, lots of colours and printed both sides. But of course it would be.

Once it's assembled the setup on PCs is pretty simple. Run the CD, install the driver, print. Takes about three minutes on XP (plus time filling the registration form if you want to register), not much longer under Windows 98. No muss, no fuss. Results seem pretty good, though I haven't tried anything that really pushes its capabilities as yet.

And then we get to the iBook. The driver seemed to install OK, and the installation instructions for network printing read more or less as follows:

1: Open the Print Center Utility or Printer Setup Utility and click the Add button in the toolbar.
2: Select IP printing
3: Fill in the printer's TCP/IP address in the printer address box
4: Leave the Queue Name blank for the default queue
5: Click on the Print Model popup and select Xerox for printer manufacturer, then Phaser 6100 for model
6: Click ADD to complete the setup.

I've tried this four times now, and I still can't get it to print.

I had the same problem with the print server for my previous laser, which makes me think I must be doing something wrong.

Can anyone help? Anyone else using this printer on OS-X 10.3?

Later: Bit more on the noise front - there is about a minute of fan noise after printing, then it goes pretty quiet. Decided to find out how well it does CD labels, the answer is that it's good - didn't have to make any adjustments at all to the defaults for label positioning, stretching, etc. (which are usually a pain to get right) to get a good page.

Going out to get some shopping - when I return I shall attempt to unravel the Mac mystery.

Later still: Mac mystery solved thanks to Xerox web site - must say that their online help is excellent - the docs on the setup CD are right for OS-X up to 10.2, wrong for 10.3 onwards; for the later version you have to select IP Printing as the general method then LDP/LPR from the printer type menu.

Wouldn't surprise me if this was why I couldn't get the previous server to work with the Mac, but I'm not going to bother to try it - it's already on ebay, currently bid up to £5, if anyone wants a reasonably good WiFi server with parallel and USB ports...

Some more answers on the noise / clunky startup noises front - after 2 hours without use it goes to a REALLY quiet mode but has to start up fully before it can be used - that takes about 45 seconds with all the clunky noises previously described, which are apparently how it gets itself ready when turned on. You can change the default timing on this, of course.

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