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Reccing etc.

Had a coffee with rozk yesterday evening and got to talking about fanfic (as one does) and writing in general. This prompts me to rec. one WIP story that I've enjoyed so far (not least because I suggested it as a crossover challenge) but seems to be suffering from a very limited readership: Philbass's Flashman & the Heavenly Gates, an enjoyable Flashman / BtVS / Fu Manchu pastiche. So far it runs to two introductions and a first chapter. It's got a lot of the authentic Fraser flavour, and I'm looking forward to more.

One of the other ideas I proposed a while ago, but seems to have been ignored, is a BtVS / real people crossover in which Ozzy Osbourne discovers his long-lost nephew living in California and decides to make a surprise visit with wife, children, dogs and camera crew in tow. Needless to say it's the full moon. I really would like to see this, but I'm not the person to write it.

Back to work; I have to write a few paragraphs about RPG ideas involving the patent system and weird gadgeteering before I get to bed. Tomorrow's the one day Picocon SF convention at Imperial College so I probably won't get much done, but it's usually great fun so never mind.

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