Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Laserdisks, Snow, and OHTs

Went into a charity shop today and saw they had a laserdisc player for sale - a Denon 2300G for £70. So during a quiet moment I checked out the spec and found it was pretty good. Went back in the evening to check the actual manual - which tends to be rather more reliable than a web site archiving old reviews - and found that there is no evidence that it will play PAL disks - which, considering I have 100+, isn't very useful. Seems that an American brought his player with him when he came to Britain, accumulated a big library of disks from American sources, and is now going back to the USA and can't afford to ship them back. The shop also had the disks, which fortunately I can play, and I ended up buying five I don't have - the rest were what I can best describe as action-adventure crap. So I am now the proud owner of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the three classic Wallace and Gromit films, The Road to Wellville, The Craft, and Little Shop of Horrors. The guy who runs the shop is probably going to try to shift them all on eBay, now that he's aware of the problem.

Getting home I was just putting my motorbike onto its stand when it started snowing - only a little flurry so far, but I have a nasty feeling that there's going to be more. Thinking positively, if the laserdisc player had turned out to be PAL compatible and I'd bought it I would have taken longer to get to my bike and get organised, and I would have probably done the entire journey home in snow.

Returning for a moment to the subject of obsolete(ish) technology, I've come across a box of inkjet OHT film I must have bought at some point, with about 35 sheets left. Since I no longer own an inkjet, and REALLY don't want to put them through the laser in a moment of madness, does anyone in London want them? Speak now if you're going to be at the Tun tomorrow, provided it isn't snowing I ought to be there.

sdaleconspiracy seems to be going well - if you like Buffy and Conspiracy theory nuttiness you may find it worth a look.

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