Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Bought myself some superfluous technology

Last week's near miss laserdisc player encounter reminded me that I really would rather like to get one that does double sided play, to help me transfer the more interesting disks to DVD. So I've been watching eBay and just splurged on a Pioneer CLD-D515. Not the world's most exciting specification but it's double sided and does PAL and NTSC, analogue and digital sound, with an AC-3 output if I can ever get an AC-3 - digital converter for my home cinema amp (which unfortunately was built too late to incorporate one). Not a huge priority since I don't have many AC-3 disks, it was only available on NTSC recordings.

Assuming that it doesn't get smashed up en route (which wouldn't amaze me - it's what happened to the last one I tried to buy) this will eventually let me sell my old CLD-V2300D, the industrial laserdisc player I've been using up to now. Not sure what they're worth these days, but it's built like a tank and has digital and analogue sound, PAL and NTSC, and a serial interface for computer control - it was originally intended for use in embedded systems such as information terminals, arcade games, etc. You can see it on The Laserdisc UK archive, the pictures (apart from the little one at the top) were sent in by me.

Anyway, wish me luck - hopefully I'll have it by the middle of next week.

Later edit - just realised that this is actually the same innards as the Denon machine I was enthusing about last week, except that it has PAL and a SCART socket instead of SVideo, and doesn't have the gold finish. Cost a good deal less so I'm fairly pleased about that.

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