Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Weird Windows Dream

Had a weird dream about the next version of Windows - for some reason we were trying to install it onto all the PCs at work without any backup, and it was doing horrible things like taking five or ten minutes to open a program, wiping files, etc. and I couldn't recover any data. Of course that could never happen in real life... yeah, right...

More seriously, one weird little thing in the dream got me wondering - at some point I was trying to get a small amount of data from a floppy disk, and Windows let me do it but did something to the floppy that made it impossible to read afterwards - I think it was something like updating the file access record on the floppy and saving it as a file bigger than the floppy could hold. It sounds absurd, but it occurs to me to wonder if anyone has actually tested to see if it works OK with floppies - there are plenty of computers that don't have the drives any more.

No idea why I had this dream, I'm wondering if I've read something in the last few days that triggered it. Any horrible techy news about the new Windows out there?

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