Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Eastercon and Elvis

Back from Eastercon a couple of hours ago (but I've been getting caught up with post etc.), VERY tired after a train journey that lasted nearly six hours - going out it was more like four and a half, but there was major engineering work on that route over the weekend, if I'd gone back that way I would have done half the journey by bus, so I'm happy that I did the entire trip in one train on the rather scenic East Coast route and had a reasonably comfortable seat and a table this time. Going out it was a VERY cramped airline style seat with insufficient room to open the laptop properly on the folding tray thingy, I could only work because the seat next to me was empty.

Over the weekend (and especially on the two long train journeys) I've pretty much finished Elvis: The Legendary Tours. Still have some more illustrations to do and text formatting on the stuff I wrote this weekend - still find it difficult to believe that Word formats documents differently on a PC and on a Mac and that nobody is tearing heads off about it - but with luck it'll be done by the end of the week, and I'll have a first run at a PDF ready. If it works like last time this will be readable with Acrobat but not with the Mac preview program, a fully compatible PDF should be available once I've finished making corrections.

As usual I could do with a few Beta readers, gamers who are familiar with the Diana: Warrior Princess system, people with an eye for proofreading, etc. If you're interested please send me an email to marcus dot rowland at gmail dot com, with the subject "Elvis". As usual you'll be asked to agree to keep the file confidential and not to distribute copies or post it on line. I'm not sure how big the final PDF will be, I'll probably do the same as last time and put it in a password-protected web space and send out passwords, rather than sending out the whole thing by mail.

Later edit - for anyone who I pestered for ideas, I've decided that SMOFs are Subterranean Miniature Omnivorous Furries. Thanks for the suggestions, but this one works pretty well for me. Ought to have a picture soon...

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