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Back Cover Blurb

Since I ended up with a blank back page I decided to add a back cover. Does this look OK? Fonts will be a little fancier, otherwise this is more or less what it will be like. I'm very tempted to quote from the infamous Diana review, but perhaps I'd better not.

From The Author of Diana: Warrior Princess

Imagine our world…

Now imagine our world as it might be shown in a TV series made a few thousand years in the future,
and with the loving attention to historical accuracy we’ve come to expect from such TV series…
This is the world of Diana: Warrior Princess. And like other shows the producers need to expand
their audience (and their profits) any way they can. Such as an all-new spin-off show set in the same

Elvis: The Legendary Tours

In a world of Gods, myths, and legends…

Exiled by his evil half-brother, the sorcerer-priest Costello, a wandering bard named Elvis roams
the world seeking a way to return to his home, the mystic Land of Grace. Armed with his wits, guns,
and guitar, and aided by his sidekicks John Lenin and ‘Senator’ Joe McCartney, his adventures really

Elvis: The Legendary Tours expands on the world of Diana: Warrior Princess, adding new
settings, new characters and gods, the Mystic Power of Music, Elvis Impersonators, the martial art of
Sudoku, and much much more1.
* Gasp at eight adventure outlines and an eighteen-page adventure, taking Elvis from Memphis
(with pyramids) to the Earth’s core, and introducing a formidable new foe
* Marvel at six new stars and co-stars, and a supporting cast of thousands2
* Thrill to stunning special effects3
* Laugh at the author’s shameless greed

By Marcus L. Rowland
Illustrated by Marcus Rowland & Patrick Sterno
Cover by Aaron Williams
A Diana: Warrior Princess supplement

1 Definitions of much much may vary. 2 This is technically known as a lie. 3 So is this.

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