Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Elvis draft on-line

If you're one of the people who offered to help with proof-reading and comments for Elvis: The Legendary Tours I'm VERY pleased to announce that the first draft PDF is now on line as

It's a 5mb download and is password-protected; if you previously proof-read the Diana... PDF it's the same user name and pasword as before - if you haven't, and would like to read this, please contact me at my usual email address, marcus dot rowland at gmail dot com. I should mention that I've had to take Diana... down from that site to make room for it, but you can still get it via e23 etc. Please remember that this will be a commercial product, and that the password etc. must not be published on line.

I'm reasonably happy with it but I'm willing to bet that I've missed a few grammatical errors etc., and probably one or two spelling mistakes. All comments will be VERY gratefully received.

For the moment this hasn't been through Distiller, and probably won't load into Mac OS-X preview; you'll need Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewer to read it.
Tags: diana, elvis, rpg

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