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Or Maybe Midgets - 1/10

I've had a silly crossover idea in the back of my mind for ages, which can best be summed up by quoting from "Once More With Feeling"
"Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies!.. or maybe midgets..."
Anya - Once More With Feeling
So why midgets.... Well, I could really only think of one fantasy that revolved around them... Time Bandits.

Because I'm an idiot I've decided to write this as a series of ten Drabbles. Here's the first. I've written most of the rest, but I'm still fine-tuning some of them a little. Hopefully I'll post one or two a day.

1 - Sherwood Forest, The Middle Ages

"Morning. You're all, ah, all robbers, then, are you?"

"The best, Mr. Hood."

Anyanka looks up. Two weeks, and Maid Marian hasn't wished Hood to oblivion. Now some midgets and a boy are distracting him. Maybe it's time to twist the knife. "He's more interested in those little men than you."

"They've treasure," says Marian, "I wish..."


"..that he wouldn't give it away."

"Wish granted."

Hood shouts "Mine!," snatches the gold, and runs off with the midgets and Merry Men in pursuit. Anyanka leaves, happy that history will remember Robin Hood as nothing more than a common thief.

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Tags: btvs, drabble, fanfic, time bandits

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