Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

...Or Maybe Midgets 4/10

Here's the next part of my BtVS / Time Bandits crossover Drabble series:

4 - The Alamo, 1836

The slave's cruel master will die in the battle. The girl will survive, her virginity won't. Anyanka's wondering if there's more vengeance to be done here when a rectangular black portal appears. Six familiar-looking midgets dive out, dragging a boy in a dressing-gown.

"Where are we, Strutter?" asks a dwarf.

"London, the middle ages," another replies.

"Actually," Anyanka says helpfully, "it's 1836. The Alamo."

"Took a wrong turn..." begins Strutter, then stares at Anyanka. "It's her! The demon! Run!" They disappear through another portal.

Anyanka smiles. She still can't remember hurting them, but whatever she did must have been spectacular.

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