Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

...Or Maybe Midgets (10/11?)

Here's part 10 of my BtVS / Time Bandits crossover. Enjoy...

It may end up as 11 or 12 parts, still not quite sure.

10 - The Dawn of Man (continued)

"Hide that somewhere." says the Supreme Being, indicating the monolith.

"On the moon?" asks Strutter.

"Mmm... yes. Now what's this?" He points at Anya's body.

"No idea," says Og.

The Supreme Being studies His map and says "Must have fallen through time. Can't let it become a fossil."

"It's dead, innit?" asks Strutter.

"That's easily fixed." The Supreme Being snaps His fingers.

"Now what?" asks Og. Anya sits up groggily, her wounds gone.

"Leave it," says the Supreme Being, leading them off through another portal.

"Wonderful..." groans Anya, watching them vanish.

Later she's fending off inquisitive apes when a phone box appears.

Previous parts are here:

9 - Sunnydale, 2003 - The Dawn of Man

8 - Sunnydale, Alternative Timeline 1998

7 - The Titanic, 1912

6 - Tunguska, 1908

5 - China, 1900

4 - The Alamo, 1836

3 - Castiglione, 1796

2 - Cadiz, 1588

1 - Sherwood Forest, The Middle Ages
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