Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Flatland natives - first batch

Here's my first bunch of Flatland natives with some serious scientific stuff:

Later edit - revised art and more text added

Typical natives of Flatland

[from left to right, above then below] A woman of good family (her internal anatomy is so narrow as to be invisible) ~ An obvious member of the lower orders, probably a servant or artisan ~ A poor but honest tradesman ~ A Square, narrator of Flatland ~ Doctor Pentagon, the learned physician ~ Squire Hexagon, a wealthy landowner ~ Sir Sefton Septagon, baronet ~ Count Otto von Octagon of Polygonia ~ A sinister irregular figure.

Note that the colours shown are invisible to Flatlanders and may change completely from one day to the next – their bodies are thinner than the wavelength of visible light and have varying density according to their diet and physical condition; as a result they diffract light unpredictably. All of the anatomy shown, other than the external lines, is also invisible to them since it disintegrates if damaged; some of it has been inferred, often incorrectly.

I'm rather pleased with them, I think...
Tags: flatland, rpg

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