Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Flatland and Elvis progress

Now on my second pass through the main rules and adventures, adding colour illustrations and extra twiddly bits and editing out some of the flab. I'm up to page 15 with the illustrations - a couple more to go in the first adventure, and four or five in the second - plus I plan to add the big "action figure" pictures I've previously mentioned, probably at an approximate 1:3 scale - that'd make the typical Square about 2" on a side, which will fit neatly into one column of a two column page. I may instead go for 1:2 scale, which would make most "figures" about 3" wide - the snag is that I couldn't use a double column page, but that isn't necessarily a problem - I can go to a single column page, though it means a damn section break, or use text boxes or something. I'll have to see what things look like at that sort of size.

Over the weekend I've also added some more recommended reading, films, etc., three adventure outlines, and more stuff on running the game with Forgotten Futures rules. I don't think I can really justify putting in rules for using it with Diana: Warrior Princess, though it's tempting; the genres are just too different.

I'm still waiting for stuff on using it with the Red Anvil Press Flatland game - the author has promised to send me something but not for another week or so, I'll have to see how that goes.

So at the moment I think I've finished writing 21 pages, and have finished the graphics etc. on fourteen of them, need to add a little more material on another three pages that are about 2/3 done, and need to add the cutout figures. My guess is it'll end up around 30 pages excluding titles etc.

I think I'll have a first draft finished (apart, possibly, from the Red Anvil Press stuff) by the end of the week, and will be able to put that on line for the usual suspects to comment later this week or next weekend. I won't be able to get it out for sale until the middle of next month, since the guy who puts things through Distiller for me will be away; I can create a readable PDF but without Distiller it won't work properly on every platform.

Meanwhile Elvis is off being distilled now, and I hope it'll be back and on line for reviewers etc. later in the week.

Still trying to persuade work to buy Acrobat Professional, which will let me do the distilling for myself. If I had the money I'd buy my own copy, but it's still ludicrously expensive in the UK.

Anyway, the last few days have been insanely productive - let's hope I can keep it up.

BTW, given it's the Flatland RPG, does anyone think that calling one of the adventure outlines Height Club is a pun too far?
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