Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Elvis on its way - and a nice review.

No problems having been reported with Elvis: The Legendary Tours, I've notified e23 that I have another PDF ready to sell. They've apparently just changed manager so it may take a while to go on line. If it seems to be dragging on really long I'll start to sell it myself, but I'd prefer to avoid that since I'm not geared up for fast replies and customer service, especially during working time.

Meanwhile pwca has written a very nice review of Forgotten Futures IX which appeared in Pyramid Magazine, Steve Jackson Games' online mag, this evening. One small problem is that it gets the title wrong consistently; I'm pretty sure that pwca had it right in the draft he sent me ages back, so presumably someone at SJG assumed that a title that began "...It's" must be wrong, and edited it to "My Own Invention" Could be worse, I suppose.

If any reviewers haven't already seen Elvis please contact me for a download - I can't give publication details until it's actually on-line, but hopefully that won't be too long.

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