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Flat Science - A Square's Disclaimer

I can't believe that I've somehow missed quoting this passage before - in fact, had more or less forgotten that it's in the book:

For this reason I must omit many matters of which the explanation would not, I flatter myself, be without interest for my Readers: as for example, our method of propelling and stopping ourselves, although destitute of feet; the means by which we give fixity to structures of wood, stone, or brick, although of course we have no hands, nor can we lay foundations as you can, nor avail ourselves of the lateral pressure of the earth; the manner in which the rain originates in the intervals between our various zones, so that the northern regions do not intercept the moisture falling on the southern; the nature of our hills and mines, our trees and vegetables, our seasons and harvests; our Alphabet and method of writing, adapted to our linear tablets; these and a hundred other details of our physical existence I must pass over, nor do I mention them now except to indicate to my readers that their omission proceeds not from forgetfulness on the part of the author, but from his regard for the time of the Reader.

Flatland Ch. 11

This simplifies everything, by letting me eliminate most of the "very thin 3D world" stuff from the science section, and gives me an agenda of questions to answer. On the whole I'm getting through it reasonably well, though I've cheated and suggested that they might have hands (or other manipulatory organs) which they don't discuss in polite company.

Anyway, things are coming along reasonably well, and I hope to have the "how do they move and handle things" section completed tomorrow. After that the rest is mostly biology and ought to be reasonably easy.

Later edit - by "easy" I mean that I don't have to mess around with the fundamental laws of the universe - I can explain a lot of the stuff that happens in Flatland by analogy with terrestrial organisms.
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