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Upcoming DVDs

Anyone got any spare gift codes for Lot of nice DVDs coming soon and so far Amazon look cheapest, assuming I take the slow free delivery route, but it still comes to a heap of cash I would really prefer to avoid spending right now.

Angel S4 - £55.99, due 1st March
West Wing S3 - £44.99, due 29th March
Buffy S7 - £55.99, due 5th April
There's also an offer on West Wing S1 and S2 for £34.99, which would be very nice if I didn't already have both seasons.

Yes, I know that this is all horribly expensive compared to the USA (and a lot of the rest of the world) but unfortunately it's what things cost here, and having been clobbered for tax plus a handling charge every time I've imported DVDs from abroad I'm not going to go that route again.

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