Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Direct sales

So far I've only been looking at selling Diana, Elvis, and Flatland via e23, and possibly adding more sites if things seem to be going well.

But the other obvious possibility is that I could sell direct from my web site, sending out the files as emails, creating temporary password-protected folders for each customer, or (possible but not particularly likely) posting out CD-ROMS. I'd have to charge the same as e23 and any other sites I use - there's no point undercutting myself, and by the time I take off Paypal etc. the percentage return is about the same as e23.

I'm not mad keen on this idea, since there would be obvious problems if I was ill or away for a few days - with postal sales people expect a delay, with downloads etc. there could be problem.

The other idea I've had is to offer a pack of Flatland "miniatures", just print out three or four pages of "figures" onto OHP foil - maybe offer a couple of different sets - with the layout of the page set up so that it's easy to chop them in half and get them into a jiffy bag for posting. Minimum price would have to be postage and packaging plus (for example) £1 per set, so say £2.10 (about $4) for a customer in the USA, with the profit going to charity. I'd probably want to ask more so that more money goes to charity.

I'm really not sure that any of this is really worthwhile - what do people think?

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