Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

New Flatland PDF on line

Spurred on by heliograph's nagging, and the realisation that I have better things to do with my life than wait two weeks before spending a day shopping for a (possibly) cheaper version of Acrobat at a computer fair, I bit the bullet yesterday and ordered a copy of the educational version (yes, Matt, I am legally entitled to buy it at the educational price) at a mere £99, which I think is about 2½ times the cost an American would pay for it, but never mind...

It arrived today and I've spent the evening making the PDF - had to do it twice, unfortunately, since the first time I realised (needless to say after I'd finished inserting all the chapter links) that I didn't have the Distiller settings right for the defaults Steve Jackson Games want.

I'd be VERY grateful if everyone who has access could take a look - it's in the same place and password etc, as the previous version - and let me know if there's anything that seems odd - I've tried it in Acrobat, Acrobat Reader on PC and Mac, Foxit Reader, and Mac OS-X preview and it works OK with all of them, so hopefully it's good. File size has unfortunately risen to 5.05mb.

There are also some text changes in the initial character generation section, mostly related to the nature of Flatland women and their characteristics, and femme fatale Lotte Linear is now on the page of cutout figures.

I'm aiming to get this out to e23 next week if I can, so comments by July 4th would be appreciated. If all goes well I'll get the final draft finished then.

In other news Elvis: The Legendary Tours has just made the "What's Hot" list of games sold in the last 30 days on e23, although it's right at the bottom. Who knows, one day it may reach the dizzying heights of bottom but one or so, if a couple more copies are sold...
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