Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Dr. Who speculation, massive spoilers!

Cracking episode, especially the massed Cybermen hordes stamping in unison. A nice touch of Riverdance / Stomp / The Wrong Trousers.

Just because Rose says that she died at Torchwood, why is everyone assuming that she's the only Rose or that she was speaking of herself? We have multiple worlds meeting here, endless parallel possibilitities. I think that we're going to have an epic battle with a couple of Roses and her Dad, Captain Jack, two or three different Doctors. My other guess, from the trailer, is that the Daleks cloned her DNA (obtained in Dalek) and that the entire Dalek race descends from the DNA they stole from her. It's another Rose in the sarcophagus. And Jackie, Rose, and Rose's dad will end up as a family again, probably running Torchwood once the current lot have got their just deserts.

Or not, of course....

I think that there is a snowball's chance in hell that the Daleks will cooperate with the Cybermen - too many philosophical differences. The Daleks don't want to upgrade people, they just want to EXTERMINATE them.

Incidentally, did anyone else hear what's-her-face say that they'd shot down a "jaffa glider" or was that my ears playing tricks?

Lovely vibes of everything from The Initiative onwards in the Torchwood scenes. Anyone else say "spedoinkle!" when they did that big panning shot of the facility? Anyone else think that what's-her-face reminded them of Illona from Angel, or possibly the evil bureaucrat in Harry Potter book 5?

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