Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Continuum update

Just thought I'd update on my plans for The Continuum RPG con. I'll be running adventures for Elvis: The Legendary Tours and The Original Flatland RPG - but I should mention that they're based on outlines I've previously posted to this livejournal and are in the published games. Also possibly something for Forgotten Futures, but since I'm still at the "WTF am I going to do instead of Thorne Smith" stage with that I'm not sure what it will be.

I'm booked to give one talk on Saturday evening - this will be the "What I'm doing these days" thing, maybe brainstorming a third Dianaverse book and/or the next Forgotten Futures if there's time and inspiration strikes. I may possibly be on other things but nobody has bothered to tell me yet...

Finally, a bit of news for anyone who was bracing themselves for WWWithdrawal symptoms at the con - I've had confirmation that the con site has free WiFi in public areas, though apparently the quality of the connection is variable. I suspect that there may be network sockets too, but nobody has said so. I'll have my iBook with me, if anyone wants to use it to get on line for a few minutes when I'm not using it just let me know.
Tags: continuum, convention, rpg

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