Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Gandhi's Angels revisited.

Here's a slightly different version of the Gandhi's Angels cover, with a gun I like better and some helicopters. I'm not sure the helicopters are in the best place, they might be covered by lettering, but this looks like something I could go with.


Oh, here's how I originally described the series - may need a few changes if I do it:

Gandhi’s Angels

On the mysterious island of Manhattan the ancient monk Mahatma Gandhi trains three women warriors in the fighting arts, and uses his powers to send them into the world on a series of mystical quests. The exciting adventurers of “Babe” Ruth, Marion Morrison, and Toni Curtis involve magic, martial arts, horror and suspense, and the story arc leads to a crescendo of action as the secrets of the sinister “Ivy League” are slowly unearthed. Supported by a range of official Gandhi’s Angels martial arts products, workout videos, and diet products.
Tags: diana, gandhi, rpg

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