Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Gandhi's Angels introduction - mission statement

Here's my first stab at a rationale for Gandhi's Angels - not the details of the show, but the reason why it exists.

You already know the score if you’ve read Diana: Warrior Princess. Imagine our world, seen by someone as remote from us as we are from the ancient Greeks, and with as many gaps in their knowledge. Imagine it converted into a TV series by a production company with the loving attention to historical accuracy we have come to expect from such series.

Like most successful series Diana… has spawned spin-offs. The most popular is Elvis: The Legendary Tours, in which wandering bard Elvis tries to find a way back to his home, the mystic Land of Grace, and overthrow its evil ruler, his half-brother Costello, but Elvis… doesn’t catch all the key advertising demographics as well as it should. In particular, it doesn’t quite meet the intellectual needs of that large percentage of the audience that wants to see scantily-clad women deal out violent justice as graphically as possible, to the accompaniment of machine-gun fire, car chases, and loud explosions. To service this group another show is needed… that show is Gandhi’s Angels.

Does this seem like a reasonable premise for an RPG?
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