Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


So far enjoying myself way too much - yesterday was mostly meeting old friends etc., then played Call of Cathulu - CoC with cats as player characters - in the evening. Scenario was an "uncover the cultist" thing in Arkham, started pretty slow because there was no good reason for a couple of the characters to become involved - once we were past that things moved a lot faster, and we managed to manipulate the can openers (e.g. humans) into doing most of the dirty work. I played the black occultist's cat, which was a bit worrying because the scenario involved someone sacrificing black cats, but we came out of it OK, didn't even lose any SAN. It's apparently been published in one of the CoC fanzines and I thorouighly recommend it, great fun.

This morning I ran the Elvis adventure Teddy Bear, in which Elvis and friends successfully defended the right to arm bears, defeated the evil Theodore Roosevelt, and recovered The Bomb for Queen Victoria. Ran just under two hours, a little less than I'd planned, think it went pretty well.

Just eating lunch now, then this afternoon I'm playing in a Firefly scenario which will apparently be run as a Gloranthan Heroquest, in the evening I'll be giving my "State of the Rowland" talk about Elvis, Flatland, etc. and hopefully brainstorming Gandhi and/or the next Forgotten Futures. More later...

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